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The current true solar time for:

Akureyri Airport




Local time: 22:16:52

True solar time: 20:53:37

Solar / Astronomic Time calculation:

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) 22:16:52

Local Time 22:16:52

Day of Year 20

Time Equation, value 10.964303337229

Time Equation, in seconds 658

Difference from Local Time, seconds 4337

Total Difference, seconds 4995

True Time: 20:53:37

This is the calculation of true solar (astronomic) time for Akureyri Airport (Iceland, Northeast, Akureyrarkaupstaður). Akureyri Airport is airport (a place where aircraft regularly land and take off, with runways, navigational aids, and major facilities for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo).


Brief facts about Akureyri Airport:

Akureyri Airport is a single-runway international airport in Akureyri, Iceland south of the town center. Air Iceland and Norlandair link the airport with several domestic locations.

Transport in Iceland - The modes of transport in Iceland are governed by the country's rugged terrain and sparse population. The principal mode of personal transport is the car. There are no public railways — although there are bus services.


Airports in Iceland


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The Local and Astronomic Time Divergence

The chart shows the divergence between local and astronomic time for the chosen place (Akureyri Airport) within a current year period. Maximum divergence of local and solar time this year is on the 12/02/2021 and is equal to 01 hour 26 min 53 sec (5213 seconds). Minimum divergence is on the 30/10/2021 and is equal to 00 hour 55 min 50 sec (3350 seconds).

Akureyri Airport on map

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