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The current true solar time for:

Akutoktak River

United States



Local time: 11:31:03

True solar time: 10:45:03

Solar / Astronomic Time calculation:

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) 20:31:03

Local Time 11:31:03

Day of Year 20

Time Equation, value 10.964303337229

Time Equation, in seconds 658

Difference from Local Time, seconds 2102

Total Difference, seconds 2760

True Time: 10:45:03

This is the calculation of true solar (astronomic) time for Akutoktak River (United States, Alaska, North Slope Borough). Akutoktak River is stream (a body of running water moving to a lower level in a channel on land).


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The Local and Astronomic Time Divergence

The chart shows the divergence between local and astronomic time for the chosen place (Akutoktak River) within a current year period. Maximum divergence of local and solar time this year is on the 12/02/2021 and is equal to 00 hour 49 min 38 sec (2978 seconds). Minimum divergence is on the 30/10/2021 and is equal to 00 hour 18 min 35 sec (1115 seconds).

Akutoktak River on map

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